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Antescofo v0.54 disponible

Une nouvelle version (0.54) d’Antescofo et Ascograph est disponible pour téléchargement pour Max et Pd:


Antescofo Reference Guide is back and is being updated almost every day:


NEW Features:

– Adds new Score Browsing methods: http://forumnet.ircam.fr/user-groups/antescofo/forum/topic/score-access-method-revision
– Introducing ’switch/case’ conditionals in action language
– Introducing ”Interpolation Maps” or NIMs in action language
– Possibility of live communication between live Antescofo Processes through variables
– Introducing static and dynamic synchronization strategies (to be documented)
– Introducing ”livecode” method for launching actions scores on the fly
– AscoGraph: Possibility of editing Curves by embedding on score
– AscoGraph: Better score browsing and editing between text and visual.
– AscoGraph: Text Editor Tabs for scores with @include

Fixes and Improvements:

– Major improvement on Tempo Detection affecting general performance (thanks to @marco)
– Fixes 64bit Pd version (thanks to M. Markidis)
– Improves Follower Behavior in scores with Jumps (thanks to @xfreeman)
– Improves follower behavior on glissandi (thanks to @julia-blondeau)
– Fixes tempo inheritence for nested actions blocks (@julia-blondeau)
– Corrects Process behavior on ’start’ (@marco)
– Simplifies Tables and Maps syntax and access in action language
– Imroves AscoGraph behavior on PureData
– Ascograph: Better Curve Editing
– Ascograph: Improves MusicXML conversion
– Ascograph: Major improvement in action layout
– Ascograph: Better Find/Replace mechanism

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