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Antescofo v0.9 disponible

A new release of Antescofo for Max and PureData (OSX and Linux) is now available for download.

This is a major release featuring important feature enhancement for both compositional and performative workflows of Antescofo.



  • AscoGraph v0.2 with new Look and Feel
    • New score visualisation and enhanced interactivity for score monitoring and editing (Thanks to Grig Burloiu @rvirmoors)
    • Powerful MIDI and MusicXML Score Importer with choice of Multiple-Track Import (Thanks to Robert Piechaud @piechaud)
  • Improvement of general Score Following on highly polyphonic and noisy environments (Thanks to Philippe Cuvillier @cuvillier)
  • New Functionalities for programming and composition of synchronization between live musicians and computer actions (Thanks to José Echeveste @echeveste)
  • New Attribute for dynamic compensation of Hardware Latency (@echeveste)
  • New Object Oriented Facilities for code organization (@giavitto)
  • Functions now can manipulate Tables, Maps and NIM (temporal data-structures) (@giavitto)
  • Extended User-Defined Function Syntax (@giavitto)
  • Better Error Reporting (@giavitto)
  • New Max Tutorial and Help file by Julia Blondeau @juliablondeau
  • New PureData Help file by Christian Philipp Pfeiffer @pfchph
  • Updated PDF Documentation: http://support.ircam.fr/docs/Antescofo/AntescofoReference.pdf

Join us on Antescofo User Group and share your thoughts, comments and participate in the future of Antescofo.

AscoGraph v0.2 Release Notes

  • Drag-n-Drop MIDI or MusicXML files for automatic conversion, including multi-track features and available extended techniques.
  • Import/Export color schemes using XML files (thanks to Kai Yves Linden @kyl)
  • Double-click to select WORD, Triple-click to select LINE in the Editor
  • Right-click to synch between Editor and Visual modes
  • Zoom in/out using [ and ] or with CMD+ mouse scroll
  • Menu re-organization, including Fond load option

This version of AscoGraph enjoyed contributions and design by Grig Burloiu @rvirmoors; and contributions by Robert Piechaud @piechaud for complete revamp of Score Importer.

Antescofo development team is grateful to the user community for their continuous engagement.

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