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Antescofo 0.8 disponible pour Max et PureData

Une nouvelle version d’Antescofo et AscoGraph et disponible pour Max (OSX) et PureData (OSX, Linux):


New Features:

  • Increased robustness in machine listening
  • Increased stability and precision of tempo detection
  • AscoGraph patcher integration: AscoGraph now fully integrates Max/pd patchers through saved attributes so that upon next session, user will find AscoGraph in the same state (position, width, height) as left previously.
  • AscoGraph Electronic Score Rendering:New display modes for complex electronic scores.
    • [View -> Set Actions Track Display Mode ]: Action groups are rendered dynamically to eliminate overlaps.
    • [ View -> Display Messages as Circles ] Messages all take up minimal space on a specific line in each parent group. Hover your mouse above them to display their contents. Feature implemented by @RVirmoors
  • AscoGraph Tracks: It is now possible to filter electronic scores using Track Filtering (more on this in User Group).
  • New temporal variable : Variables with periodic updates capable of tracking its tempo and localized synchronization strategies (see Section 6.3 of Antescofo Reference Guide)
  • Added $ENERGY as internal variable, estimating normalized energy of detected events (between 0. and 1.)
  • If internet connection is available, Antescofo will check and see if a newer version is available!


  • Improved graphical editing of Curves in AscoGraph
  • Improved MusicXML import in AscoGraph.
  • Improved AscoGraph openning in Pd using Canvas paths
  • Fixed tempo reset behavior in the middle of score (using BPM keyword in score language)
  • Fixed DSP chain for Max5 (32-bit more)
  • Fixed Label parsing for string starting with numbers and proceeding with characters
  • AscoGraph now accepts Preloaded scores
  • @jump attribute is now back, for open scores (more on this soon in User Group).
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

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