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MuBu for Max 1.6.7

a new MuBu for Max release is available here:



Release Notes for MuBu 1.6.7 (27/06/2013)

– fixed display of invalid buffer~ with imubu
– fixed crash in imubu, after “out of memory” loading long sound files
– fixed memory leak
– fixed crash in mubu.granular~ and mubu.concat~
– fixed text editing bug in imubu

Release Notes for MuBu 1.6.6 (03/06/2013)

– minor issues fixed
Release Notes for MuBu 1.6.5 (19/04/2013)

– fixed issues when trying to remove last buffer of mubu/imubu
– fixed strage buffer index after certain messages to mubu/imubu
– modified the behaviour of “addbuffer” message (now always add a buffer) for mubu/imubu
– added message “appendtrack” to mubu/imbue
– added @prepad and @maxframes attributes to mubu.process
– introduced @reverse attribute to mubu.concat~ and mubu.granular~
– audio and and marker track ids of mubu.concat~ and mubu.granular~ now default to “audio” and “markers”
– fixed tack message “getduration”
– fixed issue of track message “removepoints” not removing first value
– fixed priority of track gui configurations (1. track info “gui”, 2. config saved with patcher)
– finalized imubu scatterplot editor (see imubu help patch for info)
– added @outputselection attribute for imubu
– optimized display of wave and multiwave editors


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