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New Spat~ Release

A new Spat release is available. The release comes in two flavors described bellow.


*  Spat-4.6.1-32bits.dmg :
This version is for Mac OS 10.5 or higher.
This version runs as 32 bits application and also has a 32 bits audio DSP chain.
It is compatible with :
– Max/MSP 5.1.7 (5.1.9 recommended)
– Max/MSP 6.0.4 (6.0.8 recommended)
– Max/MSP 6.1.1 running in 32 bits mode.
*  Spat-4.6.1.dmg :
This version is for Mac OS 10.6 or higher.
This version is a 32/64 bits bundle application and has a 64 bits audio DSP chain.
It is compatible with :
– Max/MSP 6.0.4 (6.0.8 recommended)
– Max/MSP 6.1.1 running in 32 bits mode or 64 bits mode.
It is NOT compatible with Max/MSP 5. 

The content of the disk image is slightly different than previous versions.
It now conforms the new Max 6.1 ‘Packages’ structure. (see http://cycling74.com/2013/03/11/max-6-feature-packages/)
This means you just need to drop the whole ircam-spat folder into your Max Packages folder, and you’re done.
The full change-log follows.
Please note that a few features are still in alpha version and are thus subject to changes in future versions.


* spat.spat~ : fix bug with spread message with stereo sources
* update of the CPU spreadsheet
* added spat.noisegate~ : multichannel noise gate
* added spat.limiter~ : multichannel limiter
* added spat.compressor~ : multichannel compressor
* updated to Max 6.1 Package structure
* spat.decoder~, spat.spat~, spat.hoa~ : fix bug with dual-band decoding
* spat.viewer : fix scheduling bug with getsource message
* spat.oper_ : fix minor bug
* hoa : warning ‘maxreinphase’ renamed ‘inphasemaxre’, for consistency
* added spat.clip~ : multichannel clip~
* added spat.delta~ : multichannel delta~
* added spat.deltaclip~ : multichannel deltaclip~
* added spat.dcfilter~ : multichannel  dc filter
* added spat.softclipping~ : multichannel  soft clipping
* added spat.slide~ : multichannel slide~
* ported to x86_64 for Max 6.1.1
* spat.rtconv~ : minor cpu optimizations
* spat.hoa~, spat.pan~, spat.spat~ : added hoamode attribute : fast or precise.
This refers to the computation of HOA components.
The ‘fast’ mode makes use of table lookup, which are faster, at the expense of larger RAM usage
* added spat.hlshelf2cascade : converts hlshelf parameters to biquad coefficients
* spat.rtconv~ : added ‘load’ message to load IR directly from file (wav or aiff).
* added spat.converb~ : convolution reverb which can be (partially) controlled by spat.oper
(alpha version, subject to changes anytime)
* added spat.zlsmooth : smoothing of list, based on local regression using weighted least squares.
* added spat.rat : room impulse response analyzer and denoiser.
(alpha version, subject to changes anytime)
* spat.oper : fix bug with bang message
* spat.oper_ : major optimization and clean up; added one outlet
* spat.hrtf.infos : can now read all types of files : .hrtf, .coll, .near, .b2t, FIR filters, …
warning : modified the outlets
* spat.transpan~ : fix bug with CTC delay
* added spat.sig~ : multichannel sig~
* added spat.peek : multichannel peek~
* added spat.poke~ : multichannel poke~
* all objects : added ‘exportdict’ method to export all attributes in a JSON file
* spat.air~ : added numchannels attribute
* spat.rotate, spat.translate : deprecated format attribute; they now preserve the input coordinate format
* spat.virtualspeakers~ : fix possible crash with memory allocation failure
* all objects : tried to reduce the amount of RAM allocated
* spat.oper : added showpresence attribute
* spat.oper : added mouse outlet
* (shell tool) audiofilenormalize : added RMS normalization
* added (shell tool) audiofileloudness : computes loudness (ISO 532B / DIN 45631)
* spat.matrix~.control : warning for negative gains
* spat.oper : fix major bug with presence/distance rounding issue
* added spat.edc : (broadband) energy decay curve
* added spat.edc.embedded
* added spat.colormap : map values to color
* added spat.fton : converts frequency to note+cents
* added spat.ntof : converts note+cents to frequency
* added spat.yin~ : multichannel yin~
* spat.waveform : added mode attribute; added fitselection message
* added spat.fixnan~ : removes NaN or Inf in signals
* added spat.fixnan : removes NaN or Inf in messages
* added spat.isnan~ : detects Nan or Inf in signals
* added spat.sfinfo : sound files info with UI
* added spat.sfinfo.embedded
* added spat.mixingtime : estimation of the mixing time of room impulse response
* added spat.mixingtime.embedded
* added spat.cpu : reports CPU
* added spat.shell : runs shell commands in a pool of threads
* decoder~, hoa~ : added exportmat message (export matrix as matlab file)
* spat.matrix~ : added exportmat message (export matrix as matlab file)
* added spat.smk~ : sweep measurement kit for IR measurement
* added spat.sweep~ : sweep generator
* added spat.ir.infos : computes basic informations about room impulse responses

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