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Spat~ 4.7.2

A new Spat release is available.


 * spat.spat~ : significant cpu improvement (about 10% less than previous versions; depending on the number of sources)
* all objects : improved inlets/outlets description
* spat.oper : fix error message with ‘defer’ attribute
* spat.decoder~ @type hoa : added “dumpmatrix” message (cf spat.decoder~ help patch);
fix “postmatrix” message (the matrix was transposed)
* added a few abstractions : spat.routesource, spat.renamesource
* added spat.matrixctrl : similar to matrixctrl with extended features
* all GUI objects : minor improvements with the ‘windowtopleft’ attribute
* spat.oper : fix bug with drop < 0
* added spat.print : post messages with colors
* added spat.velocity : estimate sources speed
* added spat.airabsorption : computes air attenuation and sound speed according to atmospheric conditions

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