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    • Hi all! I’m working on a debian wheezy i686 system with libjackd1 and libportmidi properly installed.
      Upon starting OM, I get the following warning printed several times on the console:

      “Warning: System CL-JACK is not registered as a MID system.”
      “MIDI system PORTMIDI will be used instead”
      “PortMIDI ERROR: port 1 is not connected”

      I can see two audio outputs labeled cl-jack in qjackctl, but I have no MIDI connections.

      Also, dragging and dropping is broken on my system, with the following error log

      Thanks for all the effort!

      • I beleive this shows up if you’re loading in some workspace worked on
        previously, and thus has :cl-jack set up as midi-player.

        Either scrub your preferences.lisp (in the workspace), or replace every

        (quote :cl-jack)


        (quote :portmidi)

        Hoping this helps.

    • Thanks. Deleting the file solved the midi issue. Now, the drag and drop persists.
      The square representing the moving object leaves traces on the canvas, to then complain with the aforementioned log. Let me know how I can debug further.