• Hi. I tried to run the tarball on ubuntu 12.04 on amd64 after installing package ia32-libs, and unhappily, OM crashes early on with a backtrace telling me that something wrong happened while initializing libjack: http://paste.lisp.org/display/142438

      • Hi fahree.

        If jack isn’t already running OM will try to launch it on startup. The error you see most probably comes from OM not being able to start jack because its blocked by some other app or audio-layer.

        You can start jackd explicitly first to make sure its ok. Please tell us if this doesn’t help.

        Setting up proper handlers here, and…[Read more]

        • OK, so I tried to run jackd2 as jackd -r -d alsa and variants with -R instead of -r and -d dummy instead of -d alsa, and it looks like OM borks slightly differently in CL-JACK::CL-JACK-INIT-EVERYTHING. jack -r -d dummy gets me a “*CL-jack-audio-input-ports* not allocated” while -d alsa gets a different low-level error than the previous one.

          • Just to make sure: is jackd running fine before you start OM? And do other clients appear as expected in eg qjackctl?

            • Other clients look like they connect fine, but I’m not sure how to get any sound to play.
              alsaplayer -o jack foo.mp3 doesn’t play a sound, for instance.

              • Seems you have an issue with jack. fwiw, OM doesn’t do any work apart from connecting as a client (using the standard calls in libjack). The error indicates OM is not able to connect to a running jack-server. Maybe other users here recognise this behavior and have ideas for you.. Sorry to be of little help.