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wind instrument models

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Hello, I am a beginner on Modalys and I try to modelize a wind instrument (oboe).
My problem is how to represent the different section of the interior duct along the instrument.
Indeed, the interior duct of an oboe is composed of several tronconical areas: the main portion of the instrument (L=535mm d1=3mm d2=20mm), then the bell , to simplify: L=80mm, d1=20 d2=45mm.
Is it possible to add by concatenation different closed-open or open-open tubes to represent each of these parts?

More generally, i’m searching script examples of wind instrument which can help me to progress in my comprehension of the code.
(for wind instrument , i’ve just found exeample 3,3b and 7 of the modalys package)

Thanks for any kind of help !


September 28, 2016 at 21:05 #19168

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