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writing exponents

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A syntax question:
Some controllers require exponents. Depending on the examples found in Modalys or Max, there can be written in scripts as follows:

A 2 dimensions controler: [a b]
A 1 dimension controler: [ae+b] or [ae-b].

Is can one or the other be used without discrimination, or does it depend on the object’s description?

For instance, felt properties in Modalys are expressed:

`(make-connection ‘felt my-hammer-hit .1 my-string-hit 0
(const .01) ;; thickness
(const 1e+9) ;; F0
(const 2.5) ;; alpha
(const 0.83) ;; epsilon
(const 35e-04) ;; tau

The same properties in Max : 

MalletFelt_c1 = make_controller(‘DYNAMIC’,1,-1,0.001,’MalletFelt@thickness’)
MalletFelt_c2 = make_controller(‘DYNAMIC’,2,-1,[1.000000 9.000000],’MalletFelt@F0′)
MalletFelt_c3 = make_controller(‘DYNAMIC’,1,-1,6,’MalletFelt@alpha’)
MalletFelt_c4 = make_controller(‘DYNAMIC’,1,-1,0.5,’MalletFelt@epsilon‘)
MalletFelt_c5 = make_controller(‘DYNAMIC’,1,-1,1e-05,’MalletFelt@tau’)
MalletFelt_c6 = make_controller(‘DYNAMIC’,1,-1,1,’MalletFelt@weight’)
I noticed the same thing with other objects.

I also read from an older post and a reply by Lorenzo Pagliei that the Yound Modulus requires a 2 dimension controler. I’ll follow that. But, appart from that, any rule of thumb to apply? And is a float accepted as well as its exponential expression (for instance .0001 being used instead of 1e-04).



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