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Disappearing patches in OM 6.14?

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Hi All,

I am not absolutely sure of I am going to write, but it is at least the third time it seems to me that when I change the name of a patch in a Workspace, or copy and paste in a different folder in my Workspace, when I reopen it, it is totally empty.

Is it possible? If yes, there is a way to recover the missed work?
I am on OsX 10.8.5.

Thanks in advance for suggestions, Best


December 3, 2018 at 14:58 #28454
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Hi Fabio!

If possible, could you be very specific, ie. very step-by-step instruction to reproduce the things necessary to make a patch disappear?

Could be some strange naming issue, so perhaps archive an actual workspace and send it along with the above mentioned step-by-step explanation.

We’ll find out what this is about!



December 3, 2018 at 16:43 #28455
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Hi Anders,

Thank you for reply, sorry for my delay: busied in Conservatory. I am not sure to remember all step-by-step passages, so I will try to be exact much as possible.
I have a Workspace full enough of folders and patches. I was working on a patch denominated “armonici”, with another patch denominated “armonici old”. I have erased the “armonici old” patch, because no more necessary, and then renominated “armonici” to “22 armonici”, inside its folder inside the workspace, but in reopening the renominated patch all objects have desappeared, it was an empty space. That is what I remember.
The same has happened perhaps some other two times with renominated patches.
No problems if there is not solution or explanation, I have recovered all work, importing a patch I had sent by mail, and rebuilding another one by memory.
I have tried to experiment the same procedure with another not important patch, but in this case the patch content has been preserved.



December 4, 2018 at 21:57 #28460

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