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Help with a patch

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Hi All.

I am working on a patch. The aim is that of generating different sounds by sampling and chant filtering, and then spatializing them on random quad positions. I enclose the patch and the used audio file.
Until spat-matrix process everything works correct, but synthesize can not read sounds. The error is “:: Invalid audio file : /Users/fabio/Documents/pwgl_patches_mie/TRADUZIONE_IN_OPENMUSIC/out-files/8.” for every final audio file generated.
I think it can be a problem of extension of the file, I have tried to resolve by unique-pathname function, but I am missing something.
If possible, every suggestion is welcome. Meanwhile I will continue to search a solution, eventually also using some OM_Prisma object instead of spat.

Thank you in advance, ciao


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June 10, 2017 at 16:38 #22550
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Hi All,

Always me. I have resolved thanks to an example on some patches in a folder denominated “elements_omprisma”, I don’t remember if by Schumacher or Richelli, I have downloaded it from web some time ago.
I enclose the new patch.
However if anyone has a similar solution with omspat library I would like to know, if possible, thanks in advance.



June 10, 2017 at 18:25 #22556

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