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Need for installation help

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Using ubuntu 17.10 on x86_64 machine & .deb package…

Installs but when I run this:

open a workspace
leads to:

ERROR: Illegal instruction(4) [code 0] at 7F28674A7770
Unknown foreign code in module “/usr/share/openmusic/resources/lib/linux/” [ #x7F28673A2000 ]
rax 7F28677F1A00 ; rbx 7F2884177868 ; rcx 7F28840008C8 ; rdx 7F2867A5C190
rsp 7F28937FCAA8 ; rbp 7F2884177870 ; rdi 7F2884177888 ; rsi 7F2884202DA0
r8 7F28673D5E60 ; r9 7F28673D5E60 ; r10 10FE ; r11 7F2866E38440
r12 7F2884177888 ; r13 7F288C000B10 ; r14 4000049839 ; r15 40D0FF8FBC

April 15, 2018 at 16:26 #26300
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Hi Trees,

I don’t this there’s something wrong with our installation. It is very probable that this is an incompatibility issue with the omAudioLib included in OM.
So either you should wait for the maintainer response (recommended), or try to compile it yourself from sources where you can find here :


April 15, 2018 at 17:01 #26301
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Yes, that’s where the glitch was.

Another group member just sent me an ancient version of omAudioLib
& I’m now up & running, thanks!

Forrest Curo
San Diego

April 15, 2018 at 23:08 #26307

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