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Loud clicks with spat5.sfplay~

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I’m having a problem with:
spat5.sfplay~ @channels 20
Some times it creates a very loud click when playing a new file. I have a menu of filenames going the a message box, just like in the demo patch: /open $1, /info, 1

It happened with the first Spat 5 version, and it still happens now after upgrading to spat 5.03. It is hard to recreate, as it doesn’t happen consistently with the same files, but now and then when loading a new file. You have to keep playing different files for a while to hear it.
The files are aiff 96000 KhZ, 24 bit, 20 channels (some times just 16). I also have 32bit wav-files, so there may be some changing between bit-rates.

Files are created with Csound, and in some cases edited with Wave Editor. I recently had some issues with invalid files in Csound, and they just changed Csound to playing no sound rather than distorted sound when a file is invalid. Could that be a solution for spat if invalid files are the problems? But of course, I have no idea why these clicks happen.

I may for now have to use the regular sfplay~ in Max to avoid clicks in a performance.


May 14, 2018 at 13:24 #26540
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Hi Ruben,

Can you maybe share some of the “invalid” files + the patch you’re using for playback ?
I’ll investigate what can possibly go wrong.

You dont have any issue playing these files in other software tools ? (or with regular sfplay~)


May 14, 2018 at 14:11 #26542
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I haven’t heard these clicks with other softwares, I’ll try regular sfplay~ for a while and see how that goes.
I can transfer some files if you have an e-mail.


May 14, 2018 at 15:03 #26543

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