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User group for Spat, panoramix, ToscA , and ADMix

Spat 5.0.9

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Dear all,

Happy New Year.
Spat 5.0.9 is now available on the download page.

Please report any issue.


Release Version : 5.0.9
Release Date : 01/2019

* spat5.panoramix : improved allrad decoding
* spat5.panoramix~ : minor optimization
* spat5.decoder~, spat5.hoa.decoder~, spat5.panoramix~ : optimized dual-band HOA decoding
* spat5.pan~ : added dual-band vector-base panning (dualbandvbp). See help patcher
* spat5.wfs.config : added warning for non consistent speaker layout
* spat5.pan~ : improved error and warning messages
* spat5.spat~ : fix spurious error messages when switching from 2D to 3D HOA
* spat5.panoramix : fix minor memory leak
* all objects : fix possible crash (thread-safe issue)
* spat5.panoramix : improved “/session/delete/byaddress” message
* spat5.pan~, spat5.panoramix~, spat5.spat~, spat5.pan : added LBAP, layer-based amplitude panning
* spat5.panoramix : major optimization of preset loading time (and track/bus addition or deletion)
* spat5.panoramix : added new global settings
* spat5.panoramix : vumeter refresh rate is now stored with preset
* spat5.viewer : changed “/backgroundimage/xoffset” to “/backgroundimage/offset/x”, for consistency (minor compatibility break)
* spat5.panoramix~ : significant CPU optimization (signal routing)
* spat5.panoramix, spat5.hoa.decoder~, etc : added allrad+ ambisonic decoder
* spat5.panoramix, spat5.hoa.decoder~, etc : added mvlad ambisonic decoder
* spat5.hoa.decoder~ improved warning and error messages
* spat5.hoa.encoder~, spat5.panoramix~, spat5.spat~ : cpu optimization for HOA encoding
* spat5.sfplay~ : now outputs the list of AIFF markers upon loading a file
* spat5.oper : fix initialization bug with omni/room filter
* spat5.knn : fix various bugs and crashes
* spat5.panoramix : Monitoring, Master, and Options strips can now be renamed
* spat5.viewer : added “/source/[index]/mute” message
* spat5.reverb~, spat5.panoramix: fix default delays when @channels > 8
* spat5.viewer, spat5.oper : added “/source/[index]/radius/visible” message
* spat5.viewer, spat5.oper : added “/source/[index]/orientation/mode” message
* spat5.quat.toeuler, spat5.quat.fromeuler : added @initwith attribute
* upgraded to juce 5.4.1
* fixed @embed attribute for spat5.*.embedded objects
* spat5.frequencyresponse, spat5.hlshelf, etc. : added “/xtick/color”, “/ytick/color” messages
* spat5.frequencyresponse : added “/xtick/position” message (cf help patcher)
* spat5.frequencyresponse : added “/marker” messages (cf help patcher)
* spat5.osc.unslashify : fix bug with FullPacket
* spat5.oper : added “/spread” message and knob
* spat5.oper : added mute/bypass for axis/omni filters
* @initwith, @embed, @mc attributes now appear in the inspector (but cannot be edited)
* all GUI objects : added “/window/hidesondeactivate” for application-wide floating windows
* spat5.viewer : added “/source/1/history” messages (cf help patcher)
* added spat5.hoa.beam, spat5.hoa.beam~, spat5.hoa.beam.embedded (experimental)
* all GUI objects : the “/window” messages are now stored with the object state
* all GUI objects : the @embed attribute can now be dynamically changed
* all *.embedded objects : added “/status” and “/help” messages
* all *.embedded objects : fixed possible memory leak
* AVX extensions are now required for spat5 on macOS
* spat5.osc.append, spat5.osc.prepend : cpu optimization + improved thread-safety
* spat5.hoa.em32~ : fix possible crash when changing “/mode”
* added spat5.sf.split : audio file splitter
* all DSP objects : fix possible crash in Ableton Live
* spat5.osc.udpreceive : added “disconnect” and “reconnect” messages
* all DSP objects : improved inlets/outlets description when @mc = 1

January 10, 2019 at 17:06 #28772
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J’ai récemment téléchargé Spat 5.0.9 pour Windows et suivi la procédure indiquée (voir fin de message). Cependant, aucune boîte de dialogue n’apparaît à l’ouverture de Max 7 pour activer Spat grâce à l’une des clés obtenues sur mon compte.
Par ailleurs, lorsque je lance spath.overview depuis le menu Extras de Max, les messages d’erreur suivants apparaissent :
Error -1073741795 loading external spat5.file.infos
Error -1073741795 loading external spat5.version

Merci de m’indiquer la marche à suivre !
A bientôt,

1) install the “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2017″; you can (freely) download it from Microsoft website: https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/.
Select “Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable” and “x64″ and follow the instructions for installation.
2) unzip the spat 5 archive, and copy the content to your Max Packages folder
3) copy the following DLL files from the Spat package:
alongside the Max 64 bit executable i.e.: C:\Programmes\Cycling ’74\Max 7\
4) launch Max 64 bit

February 17, 2019 at 16:15 #29485
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Il n’y a pas de boîte de dialogue à l’ouverture; c’est normal.
L’erreur -1073741795 en revanche n’est pas normale.
Quelle est votre version de Windows ?
Arrivez-vous à charger certains des externals de Spat ou est-ce que l’erreur affecte tous les objets ?


February 18, 2019 at 17:08 #29595
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Merci pour votre réponse.
Je suis sous Windows 7 et il semble que le problème affecte tous les objets spat5.
Bien à vous,

February 21, 2019 at 20:51 #29704
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Bonjour Basile,

Je n’ai pas Windows 7 sous la main, mais je crains que spat ne soit pas compatible avec cet OS.
Pouvez-vous essayer avec une version de Windows plus récente ?


February 22, 2019 at 01:20 #29706
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Hi All,

I’ve just installed the Spat5 5.0.9 package from 10.1.19 in Max7 running on OSX 10.14.3. Max reports that it can’t load package spat5 “32-bit architecture unsupported”.

I’d be very grateful for any thoughts about why Max is reporting 5.0.9 as 32-bit. I thought it was 64.


March 8, 2019 at 16:48 #29955
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Hi Tony,

Indeed, Spat5 is a 64-bit only package.
So, you have to make sure you run Max in 64-bit mode.
In the macOS Finder, select the Max application, and hit “command+i”. Make sure the “open in 32-bit mode” is unchecked.
Restart Max, click in “About Max” to make really sure it’s running in 64-bit.
(see attached screenshot)


  1. Capture-d’écran-2019-03-08-à-16.54.05


  2. Capture-d’écran-2019-03-08-à-16.54.05


March 8, 2019 at 16:56 #29956
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Hi T.

Thanks for this, but 10.14.3 doesn’t have an “open in 32-bit mode”.

I also found this discussion:

but am unsure if the solutions suggested will fix the problem.

The Max7 I have installed is definitely a 64-bit version, see attached, but opens in 32-bit.

Would be grateful for any further thoughts or insights you might have on this issue.


PS I mistakenly took the error generated by Spat to be a Max error; it was of course Spat stating the Max was running in 32-bit mode.

  1. Screenshot-2019-03-10-at-15.02.49


  2. Screenshot-2019-03-10-at-15.02.49


  3. Screenshot-2019-03-10-at-15.02.07


  4. Screenshot-2019-03-10-at-15.02.07


  5. Screenshot-2019-03-10-at-15.00.37


  6. Screenshot-2019-03-10-at-15.00.37


March 10, 2019 at 16:08 #29972
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The Max7 you have installed is both 32 & 64 bit.
Unfortunately it opens in 32 bit.
This is a Cycling/macOS issue, so you’d better post on their forum.

One “dirty” way to make it work is to type:
arch -x86_64 /Applications/Max7.app/Contents/MacOS/Max
in a Terminal. (you might have to adapt the exact path of the application)
This will definitely open in 64 bit mode.
However, I don’t know — in Mojave — how to change the default behavior. Probably some preference file somewhere, but couldn’t find it.

Other suggestions:
– using Max8
– trashing Max7 and all its preferences, and then re-install.

Good luck,

March 10, 2019 at 16:49 #29979
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Hi T.

A further update on this: Max7 runs in 64-bit mode if run from the executable from within the Max7 package.


March 10, 2019 at 16:50 #29980
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Thanks for the suggestion and help T. I’ll refer to c74.


March 10, 2019 at 22:55 #29981

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