Software Activation

Important Note:  As of December 1st 2014, Ircam Max objects will no longer require software activation.

The first run of an Ircam Forum Premium software on a new machine will open up a dialog similar to the one on the left requesting an activation code. Without the activation code, the software will not open or not instantiate correctly. Subscribed users can request Activation Codes from this website and on any software download page to which they have access. Codes will be sent automatically to user by email with instructions.

  • An activated software will remain active (including all updates) for one year starting the date of subscription.
  • An activation code, activates all subscribed technologies at once. As a consequence, Premium  users would only need to activate once to use all technologies per machine.
  • Once the one-year subscription date has passed, the software remains active and usable but users might experience warnings on subscription renewals.

How to activate a software?

If your software need to be activated, you first need to generate your activation code by going to the corresponding download page you are subscribed to and pressing on the Send me the code button similar to the figure on the right here. An email with the activation code will be sent to you automatically with the following minutes. Make sure you are registered with the correct email by checking your Profile.

Once you’ve received the email, just copy the key  into the ircam activation tool dialog. Done!

NOTE: The authorization code should be validated within 15 days or otherwise you should request a new one. The validation date of the code is indicated in the received email.

If you run into any problem, please contact our customer service.

Note for Premium Users

As a reminder, a received activation code will authorize all softwares (whether downloaded or not) on your machine. You do not need to generate codes per software but only once per year.