FAQ – frequently asked questions

1. How do I join the Ircam Forum ?

Simple , please do visit this page, all info are available here.

2. How do I authorize my software ?

Easy, Information about this is here.

3. I am having trouble to authorize my software

Please do read this.

4. I subscribed for an institiutional membership and i don’t want to bother authorizing my machines one by one

Instructions here for system administrators for a multi-install on multiple machines

5. In my institiution (academy, office, etc…) i am having a problem to login on forumnet.

This is simply because your system administrator has closed PORT 3443 so you can’t
see the LOGIN system. Ask him to open that port for you.

6. Can I de-activate an individual machine during the year in order to activate another one (i.e. if I buy a new computer and sell an old one) ?

You can not de-activate an authorized machine. This is partially why, an “individual” account can authorize up to 4 machines.

7. If I  reinstall an OS, this would deactivate my currently activated machine?

An OS upgrade on the same machine usually should not require you to re-activate Ircam software. However you should know that cloning an activated machine to another machine won’t work for our protection (meaning you will be asked to activate the new machine).

8. While entering my key a panel indicates “Ircam activation tool : error 0xA00010″

This means you have a cloned system. In order to fix this please first login on forumnet and use this web formula in order to contact the Software Support Service.

9. What happens to my software authorization if I change my computer?

Software authorization are per computer. You’ll loose your old authorization and would need to generate a new one like most software licenses out there.