Call for Submissions : 2021 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition

Georgia Tech's 2021 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition is an annual event aimed at identifying the world's next generation of musical instruments and unveiling the best new ideas in musicality, design, engineering, and impact.

 2021 Call for Submissions
 Is Now Open !

The Guardian  called the competition "The Pulitzer of the New Instrument World," and The New York Times described the "special, otherworldly sound that you can feel permeating your soul" which became the hallmark of the competition. Fast Company explained how Guthman's "Futuristic Instruments will change how we make music," and Atlanta Magazine  suggests that "at the Guthman Competition, innovative instruments just might predict the future of music."

The 2021 Guthman Competition will be a fully online event. Finalists will compete for $10,000 in awarded commissions. Viewers will be able to watch and vote for their favorites, while judges choose the winners for a celebration culminating in March of 2021.

The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2020.

Visit the Guthman Competition website for more details on the competition format and submitting an instrument.

This Year's Judges 
DAVE SMITH  Engineer, Musician, Founder of Sequential  JORDAN RUDESS ,  DJ SPOOKY Composer, Media Artist, Writer, DAVE SMITH  , AKI KING Composer, Musician, JAYSON DOBNEY  Curator, Metropolitan Museum

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