Computer Aided Composition (OpenMusic For Beginners)

If you're attending the OpenMusic Workshop in Shanghai on November 2nd, please read and complete the following steps:

======> STEP 1
Identify what OpenMusic version do you need according with your computer system

======> STEP 2
Download it.

======> STEP 3
Read at this page :, the OpenMusic Installation directives, according with your computer system.

======> STEP 4
After you installed OpenMusic according with "step 3 », download the follow libraries:
This is a beta release of the OMChroma library adapted for OM6 and om7.

Requires the installation of Csound (v6.10 recommended, Mandatory)

OMChroma beta: requires OM2Csound library

======> STEP 5
Install the libraries, according with instructions at this page :
Warning, as the workshop is a very short one, 2h30, we are not having enough time to see all OM libraries.

======> STEP 6
If you have some time, please, take a look on this page before coming to the workshop.

======> STEP 7
You will receive shortly an OpenMusic Workspace, with the patches used during the workshop


If you have any question, send an e-mail to with the subject preceded by [Shanghai_OM_WSP].