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If you are passionate about music and sound technologies and consider yourself an aficionado, find out what the Forum has to offer.

  • Project


    Compression temporelle Dilation Filtering

    Provides a visual and "sculptural" approach to sound manipulation

  • Project


    ISMM Real time Software

    An innovative approach to sound synthesis based on multi-criteria representations of sound sample databases.

  • Project

    IRCAMAX Collection 1

    Ableton Device Sound processing and manipulation

    Ableton LIVE Devices by IRCAM. This collection offers a variety of devices for sound processing and manipulation. It particularly focus on the Su...

  • Project

    IRCAMAX Collection 2

    Ableton Device MIDI Analysis

    This Ircamax collection offers 6 new devices and 2 instruments which mainly focuses on real-time Audio To MIDI analysis and Modalys™, a physical mo...

  • Project

    Forum Max Apps

    IRCAM Max Max lib

    FREE- Collections of Max6 patches that allow rapid use of IRCAM Forum audio technologies.

  • Collection


    Max world

    Librairies, externals, projects, Maxforlive devices, patchs, tutorials...

  • Collection


    OpenMusic world

    Librairies, externals, maquettes, patchs, tutorials...