an Urban Archive as an English Garden

an Urban Archive as an English Garden is a performance based installation. Originally conceived for any number of speakers and a single performer exploring artificial resonances landscaped on top of a recording of their immediate sound environment. The software behind the project is a 32 channel time-variable impulse response convolution engine, implemented in Max/MSP, and a GPU accelerated phase-based-(wavefield)-panning engine, implemented in java. The spatialization engine is capable of real-time projecting any number of sources into a field of speakers in an arbitrary configuration. As this is a very computationally intensive task, the rendering is done on the GPU. Each speaker is receiving an independent mix, with the phase of each channel adjusted based on speaker/source distance. In an Urban Archive..., there are 40 sources (32 resonators, 8 playback) and 24 speakers, meaning that the spatialization engine is calculating 24x40=960 delay lines and downmixing these 960 delay lines in real time. The source for the projection code will be made available very soon.