Max Intermediate Course and Max Certification Level 2

Max Intermediate Course

Improve your knowledge and mastery of Max


Upon completion of this course, participants will have acquired the knowledge necessary in advanced programming techniques in Max. They will be able to create complex patches and select the tools (software and hardware) adapted to their project with Max.

The training will be followed by an exam for the Max certification level 2.


Participants must be able to attest to sufficient knowledge and skills in Max and its environment or have successfully completed the course Max Initiation;
Mastery of a sequencer software program such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, or another digital audio editing program (e.g. WaveLab, SoundStudio, Adobe Audition);
Good understanding of the English vocabulary used in the software;
Mastery of the basic functions of a Macintosh computer (use of a keyboard and mouse, create and manage files and folders, use menus, launch an application).


Max Certification Level 2

Max certifications assess the students’ level in Max by testing their capacity to design, implement, and use applications created with the software.

Max certifications are included with Max courses or can be taken as a private candidate.

Special Prices for IRCAM Forum Members!

Forum members with a Premium membership are eligible for special prices depending on the number of courses selected during one season. For the 1st course selected members pay 60% of the full fee, 50% of the full fee for the 2nd course, 40% of the full fee for the 3rd and all additional courses. For Max certifications taken as a private candidate Forum members pay 80% of the full fee.