About Ircam Forum

Ircam Forum, our unique venue for exchange between researchers and artists has been renewed as of 2012, to better reflect our community. With this new platform, Ircam Forum aims at living throughout the year by accelerating contact between Ircam community and artists worldwide, and by providing access to our latest features all year through.

Our new subscription offer aims at simplifying access to technologies with new pricing aiming to bring our experience to a wider public.

This new platform is also a place for members, to promote their works by posting their Events, for day-to-day interaction with Ircam teams through discussion groups, and to bringing members’ words out to the greater public through Tribunes, and finally to make users interact with each other throughout the world.

Becoming a Forum member is free and gaining access to our subscription offers is as simple as a few clicks.

The Team

Ircam Forum is managed by the Research/Creativity Interfaces Department at Ircam. The team consists of (in alphabetical order):

  • Grégory Beller
  • Liz Gorsen
  • Karim Haddad
  • Stéphanie Leroy
  • Paola Palumbo
  • Raphaël Voyazopoulos

Contact Us

Use the above link for any inquiries regarding sales, technical support or customer service.

Legal Notice

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Phone : 01 44 78 48 43
Publication Director : Frank Madlener