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This software contains functionalities developed at IRCAM. The premium subscription offers many discounts on the prices of partner software.

  • Collection


    IRCAM Tools by FLUX::

    Developed in collaboration with the company FLUX::, the IRCAM Tools collection is intended for audio professionals. Ircam Tools offers high quality...

  • Project

    Max 8

    Cycling'74 Interactive real-time Software

    Max 8 is a visual programming environment for interactive real-time applications by Cycling'74.

  • Project

    Ircam Prepared Piano

    Uvi Virtual piano manual

    Ultimate Avant-Garde Piano

  • Collection


    IRCAM Lab

    Developed at IRCAM, the collection Ircam Lab offers two products including The Snail, a revolutionary tool for visualizing the audio signal and T.S...

  • Project

    BITalino R-IoT

    Gesture Hardware Movement

    The R-IoT module allows for sensing movement, processing and wireless transmission through WiFi. It is developed as an essential brick towards crea...

  • Project

    IRCAM Solo Instruments 2

    Collection Ircam labs Orchestral instruments

    Featuring over 550 different playing styles performed by professional instrumentalists and recorded in the world-renowned IRCAM Institute, IRCAM So...

  • Project


    Factorization MaxforLive Software

    Machine learning for sound deconstruction in Ableton Live.