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Developed at IRCAM, the collection Ircam Lab offers two products including The Snail, a revolutionary tool for visualizing the audio signal and T.S. that lets users transpose or stretch an audio signal with an unequaled quality. These high quality modules are designed for simplified use and address more specifically the sound and video industry, digital education, as well as amateur and professional practices.

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    Audiosculpt Sound editor SuperVP

    ircamLAB RELEASE TS2 AUDIO EDITING / TIME STRETCH APPLICATION A software that no one has built before. ircamLAB proudly announce the release ...

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    Ircam Lab The Snail

    Ircam lab Spectral sound analyzer Visualize sound

    Absolute Tuning. The Snail is a very high-precision frequency-domain analyzer that delivers an easy to understand representation of sounds based on...