The IRCAM Forum collaborative platform was imagined for artists, performers, sound designers, and professionals working in different domains of sound to encourage creativity and innovation in the arts and sciences. By signing up for the IRCAM Forum, you can share your events and experiences, you can interact with technologies for music and sound with over 10000 members worldwide, you can access all our free software.

Become a Premium member—either as a Premium individual or a Premium institution—if you want access to the software programs AudioSculpt, CataRT Standalone, Panoramix, Orchids, and SuperVP for Trax.

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** E-mail ein 48h, privileged follow-up, direct contact with the developers

Multi-license IRCAM Forum

Thanks to the multi-license IRCAM Forum, our technologies accompany you throughout your musical journey. Beginners, students and creators can discover, create and experiment for free by downloading the majority of software. As soon as an artwork using our technologies is publicly exposed, the Premium Individual subscription allows the subscriber to get closer to IRCAM research teams and access Premium technologies. Finally, the teacher can build educational programs based on OpenMusic or Spat, for example, thanks to the Premium Institutional subscription and benefit from many advantages, such as discounts to participate in the IRCAM Forum workshops Paris or Hors-les-Murs.

Free member

I download many free software to create, search and explore. I have the "Free license" that allows me an individual non-profit use for research, experimentation and artistic, non-commercial purposes

Premium Individual member (Student)

I also benefit from downloading premium technologies. I acquire the "License Pro", which allows me an individual use in a professional context during a public exhibition: public event, concert, exhibition, art installation, conference, exhibition, presentation, performance, publication; for non-commercial purposes

Premium Institutional member

I can install Premium technologies on a fleet of computers. I acquire the "License Academic", which allows a group to a non-commercial internal professional use: educational program, training, school, university, conservatory, research and development laboratory, business, product development, startup, recording studio, music production studio; for non-commercial purposes.