Improvisation analysis - Sheng! the Chinese mouth organ / Seminar 6

The series of seminars around the Sheng! The Chinese mouth organ continues in spite of this very special period.

Find the seminar 6 on the analysis of improvisation, originally scheduled for May 12 and postponed to June 9, 2020, from 14:30 to 17:30 on ZOOM online.

With Pierre Couprie (Sorbonne Université, IReMus) which will propose the analysis of a sheng improvisation with OMax. Based on a recording session with Li Li-Chin (sheng) and Benjamin Lévy (OMax), this presentation will introduce three issues in the analysis of free improvisation: Discover them.

Jean Lochard (IRCAM) subsequently present physical modeling of sheng in Modalys software


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By the way: The sheng (The Chinese mouth organ) is an instrument with a long history, whose repertoire is divided between the traditional and the contemporary. To welcome and encourage future creations, a team of researchers (France, Germany, Austria, China, Taiwan, Japan) has worked on the history, the different models of mouth organ, the repertoire, the acoustic study, the gestural analysis of improvisation, the combination of fingerings, the notation, and explored this historical instrument which lends itself surprisingly well to modernity. All this research was and is accompanied by a series of seminars. 

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