Workshop : Del Sonare Digitale

 When : 15-19 November 2021

 The Workshop :

The Music Informatics Workshop offers a training on new technologies for interactive and multimedia mixed music composition, with the integration of various software for contemporary artistic creation, in particular those developed and used at the IRCAM (Institute for Acoustic-Musical Research and Coordination) - Center Pompidou in Paris.

Mastery of interaction tools in real time allows you to design multiple interactions by mixing the different forms of sound, visual and multimedia language.

By the end of the workshop, the participants will acquire the knowledge necessary to advance in their artistic, compositional and technological work. They will also be able to discover/improve the tools available today in terms of computer devices for real-time interaction between interpreter-computer and interactive systems for the realization of concerts, installations, performances, theatrical performances, dance and stage arts.

A professional training on Max/MSP will be provided in the first edition of the workshop, with the purpose of integrating, implementing and designing applications created with the software.

The main topics covered during the workshop are, among others:
- Construction of a concert patch (treatments and sound synthesis in real time)

- Use of a centralized electronic score

- the integration of the Antescofo programming language which, in addition to the possibility of being used as a score following system, allows the writing, control and synchronization of different parameters, treatments, processes (multitemporal, multimodal ...), spatialization and other temporal media (video, lights, etc.)

By the end of the course training, participants will gain a basic notion of programming with Max and the Antescofo language and will be able to develop a compositional project of mixed or interactive/multimedia music.

The workshop will be held by composer, researcher and computer music designer at Ircam José Miguel Fernandez. Saxophonist Claude Delangle will also participate in this first edition of the workshop.

During the masterclass on 18 and 19 November 2021, all participants (from the workshop and performers interested) will have the opportunity to deepen works from the contemporary repertoire, mixed music, instrumental techniques and to discuss ideas and musical aspects related to interpretation, performance and possibilities of interaction with the electronic devices.

The purpose of the workshop is to analyze and follow the various steps of production and implementation of a mixed music project up to public performance.

An atelier/concert will be held at the end of the workshop, with a mixed and non-mixed music program, including excerpts and works by Marco Stroppa, J.M. Fernandez, Ichiro Nodaira, Pierre Jodlowski, Georgia Spiropoulous, among others.


The workshop and masterclass will be held at the University of Siena in strict compliance with the health regulations that will prevail at the time of the course and according to the evolution of the health crisis linked to COVID 19.

In the event that, due to Covid restrictions, it will not be possible to attend classes in presence, the training will be offered remotely (via Skype or Zoom, to be announced later).

Professional figures who might be interested in enrolling are : 

composers of mixed music and computer-music; saxophonists and performers; performing arts (music, dance, theater, video, cinema, multimedia authors); scientists in the field of computer music and sound engineering, computer music designers; electroacoustic and computer-assisted music teachers; students of conservatories, universities and other Italian and foreign institutions.

How to participate:

 Admissions to the workshop and the masterclass by submitting the fulfilled application. Please send your application by 11 October 2021.  After the deadline indicated above and depending on the order of submission of the application, (procedure subject to availability) the list of the selected candidates entitled to enroll will be sent via a confirmation email. 

Payment of the required fee must be made by 15 October 2021, under penalty of forfeiture of the right to participate.

Payment of the attendance fee for staff and auditors must be made by October 25, 2021.

Prices :

Maximum number of participants in the music informatics workshop: 15 effectives

Registration fee: € 50

Participation fee: € 350


Maximum number of participants in the masterclass with Claude Delangle: 15 effectives

Registration fee: € 40

Participation fee: € 150

Registration fee for auditors: € 30

Participation fee for auditors * at the workshop = € 180

Participation fee for auditors * to the masterclass = € 80


* The number of auditors admitted to both the workshop and the masterclass will depend on the number of effective participants.


The courses will be activated with a minimum participation of 10 students enrolled in the workshop and 10 enrolled in the masterclass.

In case of cancellation of the courses due to Coronavirus, the fees already paid will be fully refunded.

Contact :

Project created and directed by Lara Morciano, in collaboration with ISIC association (Istituzione Sinfonica Italia Classica), the University of Siena and in partnership with the Ircam Forum

Project supported by ChiantiBanca