Meet the Forum

  • Tuesday 22 March 2022 17h00 - 19h00 (local time)

Forum Workshops 2021

The day before the IRCAM Forum Workshops, IRCAM Forum and IRCAM's pedagogical team organize an afternoon discovery of Ircam's technologies. Open to all, Meet the Forum allows you to discover and understand all the training, innovations, technologies and resources that the IRCAM Forum is the link in the extended community of experts, sound professionals, sound designers, artists...

This introduction to the IRCAM Forum Workshops will be held on Tuesday 22 March, from 4pm to 6pm filmed at IRCAM and online. 


Presentation of TS2, Modalys and Plugins in Ableton Live 

Jean Lochard - Salle Stravinsky

TS2 is a software specialized in Time Stretch and Transposition based on the SuperVP™ audio engine. TS2 includes traditional audio editor function as the ability to combine several audio files in the same document and perform fades between sound elements. The transformation parameters of Stretch, Transpositions, Remix Options and Spectral Clipping can be controlled by automation curves or by MIDI. The user can also insert his favorite plugins (VST2, VST3, Audio Unit) in a Master section to polish and finalize his sound.

Modalys  is a physical modeling synthesis engine developed by IRCAM. It allows composers and sound designer to imagine and create virtual instruments made by combining excitors (bow, strike, reed) and a library of resonators (strings, plates, membranes). The new instrument can be assembled and controlled in real time in Max. But Modalys is also capable of creating more personal 3 dimensions shapes and calculate their vibrating behavior which extends even more its sound capabilities. Modalys integrates also a scripting controller which can be used in Max to add even more realism to instrumental emulations.

Forum Max For Live Devices  quick overview. The Ircam Forum gives you the access to a collection of effects that embed Ircam Technologies developed in Max For Live and to be used in Ableton Live.  A few of them will be demonstrated during this session: Cross Synthesis (with SuperVP), Ladder Filter (moog filter emulation) and Physical LFOs (use of physical systems as a double pendulum to drive any Live parameter).

Installation TACT - Galerie

Emmanuelle Zoll, Salomé Bazin

Tact is a visual and sound work on a touch screen that invites the public to become both painter and composer, during a journey through the surrounding landscape. At the crossroads of design and computer music, the device is conceived as an open work and offers a non-expert public to interact with the sound and visual proposals developed by professional artists and composers.

The project is still in the prototype phase: come and test the "work-in-progress" proposals of Romain Barthélémy, Fabien Bourlier, Didem Coskunseven and Lundja Medjoub exclusively around the landscapes of the Centre Pompidou.

Discovery of "ambisonic" broadcasting system

Simone Conforti -  Studio 1

Through an "ambisonic" broadcasting system we rediscover our way of perceiving the world. We realise the richness of the perceptive processes of hearing that make us "feel", "hear", "listen" to our environment.

In the hands of creators such as composers, it becomes an instrument that also draws and virtualises space.

Examples will materialise this sound projection technology and its immersive character.

For the smooth running of the afternoon, the public left in small groups. It is therefol essential to arrive at the start time of the workshop

Free access, pre-registration required for the smoothd (limited places).

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