AudioSculpt Course at IRCAM

AudioSculpt Course

Understand and master IRCAM’s software for editing and creating sound


Upon completion of this course participants will be able to read a sonogram, optimize analysis parameters, use the filtering functions on the frequency representation of sound, configure and correctly carry out basic processing techniques (transposition, temporal dilation, cross synthesis, breath reduction, additive analysis and re-synthesis).


Mastery of a sequencer software program such as Pro Tools, LogicAudio, and a sound editor like Audacy;
Mastery of the Macintosh environment (OS X).


Special Prices for IRCAM Forum Members!

Forum members with a Premium membership are eligible for special prices depending on the number of courses selected during one season. For the 1st course selected members pay 60% of the full fee, 50% of the full fee for the 2nd course, 40% of the full fee for the 3rd and all additional courses.