Baden-Baden celebrates Pierre Boulez

  • Sunday 18 January 2015 11h00 - 21h00 (local time)

Celebrating the artist’s 90th birthday

Concert featuring a performance of ... Explosante-Fixe... composed at Ircam and using Ircam's score following technology Antescofo on stage.

Is one allowed to start today’s third concert with remarks about the musical Rococo? An early work by Mozart is filled with sighs, expressive rests and figures. We enter a room in which small gestures connect with other small gestures. This also occurs with the music of Boulez. There are soft, long tones which – like fish in water – slowly float around before these metaphorical “fish” are attacked by something causing turbulence. They unite with the attacker with new figures and gestures arising as a result. Everything flows while remaining still. Shadowy music is heard – as though in a dream – merging, diverging yet somehow organic. It is little wonder that the composer himself speaks of “proliferation”.

Pierre Boulez

Dérive 1 for 6 instruments
… explosante fixe … for (Midi) flute, ensemble und live elektronics
Première Sonata for Piano
Notations I-IV and VII for large orchestra


François-Xavier Roth Conductor
Sophie Cherrier Flute
Pierre-Laurent Aimard Piano
SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg
Experimentalstudio des SWR

Festspielhaus Baden-Baden