Extending Time Workshop Concert #1

Workshop Concert #1 : Extending Time
EXTENDING TIME is the first public workshop concert of the Reconfiguring the Landscape project.
Composed work and recording samples are presented along with brief discussions exposing the musical exploration of landscape, sound, space and time.
An installation in the foyer featuring a spherical speaker, complements the event with an experimental spatial experience.
With contributions by:
Natasha Barrett (NO/UK) https://www.natashabarrett.org/
Andrew Knight-Hill (UK)   http://www.ahillav.co.uk/
Nadine Schütz (CH/FR)   https://www.echora.ch/
Ulf Holand (NO)
Date and time : 11 January 2020, 16h30 - 20h00
Place : Levinsalen, Norges musikkhøgskole (NMH), Oslo
Entry : free
The Event:
The Project: