OpenMusic Course - Ircam

  • Thursday 28 May 2015 - Saturday 30 May 2015
  • 10h00 - 17h30 (local time)

OpenMusic - Case studies

ADVANCED - Learn the basics of Common-Lisp programming and writing OM libraries
In French


Successful completion of OpenMusic - Discover Computer-Assisted Composition and OpenMusic Audio or proof of equivalent knowledge.


Upon completion of this course participants will have a better understanding of the OpenMusic structure, and especially the strategies to control synthesis from written algorithms. Participants will also learn the basics of programming in Common-Lisp.


During this program, participants look closely into the OpenMusic environment beginning with an introduction to textual programming in Common-Lisp and a look at musical examples created with OpenMusic. Participants will create their own musical productions with OpenMusic and will take their first steps writing object libraries for OpenMusic in Common-Lisp.

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Special Prices for IRCAM Forum Members

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