Chaya Czernowin

As part of the Internationales Ferienkurse Für Neue Musik.


  • Chaya Czernowin HIDDEN for string quartet and electronics

  • Bernard Lang DW 25 „…more Loops for U for double bass solo

  • Jennifer Walshe EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT for voice, string quartet, video and tape

Chaya Czernoiwn plunges her vast creation HIDDEN in a subaquatic landscape, devoid of all human presence and pierced by sonorous monoliths. In this writing of observation and perception, silence plays an essential role. Here, this silence, not often a form of rhetoric, measures the distance to the object and imparts the work's spatial dimension. In the words of Gurnemanz' prophecy made to Parsifal, "here time becomes space".


Chaya Czernowin © Schott Promotion / Astrid Ackermann

Chaya Czernowin HIDDEN
Premiered in 2014
IRCAM: Carlo Laurenzi (Computer Music Designer), Jeremie Henrot (Sound Engineer)
With the Arditti Quartet