Ircam Talk- “Angular Dynamics” conducting method and “Schoenberg-Boulez Puzzle” on Sprechgesang with Ken ITO

“Angular Dynamics” conducting method and “Schoenberg-Boulez Puzzle” on Sprechgesang

During this talk, Ken will introduce 2 different topics: one is brain cognitive solution to Arnold Schoenberg’s classical question on the “Sprechgesang” and Pierre Boulez’ additional point concerning speech, singing voice, and timbre. The other topic is a system of conducting he has devised with Pierre Boulez from 2004 to 07 in Luzerne. With the use of marker-less motion capture they integrated a system of conducting without “FIGURE”: Angular dynamics.

As he will visit IRCAM with his collaborator, the poet-film director Frank Diamand, Ken Ito will also talk about their collaboration. Frank is a survivor from the Bergen Belsen concentration camp and all my music making is closely related to the ethics of music after the WW2.  


Ken ITO (1965-)  Composer-Conductor. Japan

Born in Tokyo and studied piano, violoncello and composition under Teizo MATSUMURA, Yoritsune MATSUDAIRA, Jo KONDO and Juji TAKAHASHI. Also studied physical science at the University of Tokyo.
1988 Music Today Award under the judgement of Toru TAKEMUTSU.
1990 Idemitsu Music Award
  •     Graduated from department of physics, The University of Tokyo B.Sc.
  •     Assistant conductor at Tokyo Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
1992 Master of Science (Solid State Physics) .The University of Tokyo
1993 Metropolitan Award for Composition under the judgement of GyörgyLIGETI
1995 Artistic director and conductor at the world first performance of Yortsune MATSUDAIRA’s opera “Le dit de Genji”
1998 Takemitsu Award for composition under the judgement of Luciano BERIO Orchestra director at the first performance of John Cage’s posthumous work  “OCEAN” with Merce Cunningham Dance Company.
  •   Ph.D (Brain Cognitive Fundamentals of Music) The University of Tokyo
1999 Professor of Composition and Conducting, The University of Tokyo
2000- Start auditory cognitive network experiments with SONY co. / Panasonic co.
2004-07 Angular Dynamical Method for Conducting
2007 Established Raummusik Kollegium Berlin/Tokio.
2008-14 Brain Cognitive Space-time performance and Evaluation of Richard WAGNER’s Music drama at Bayreuther Festspielhaus with Wolfgang Wagner / Eva Wagner-Pasquier.
2015- Non-linear dynamical Supra-Spectral Composition with Holocaust / Genocide survivors.
Main Works
Cosmostrophe (1993)
Quand-Temps:No-Opera after M.Duchamp and J.Cage(1998-99)
Hungarian Hoquetus(2006)
Electronic Hungarian Hoquetus(2006/2015)