Ircam Talk - The electronics in Come Play with me with Carlo Laurenzi & Marco Stroppa

Carlo Laurenzi, Marco Stroppa present The electronics in Come Play with me:

The electronics of Come Play with me, Songs of love and suffering for a fallen utopia was produced at Ircam during several months of work between 2015 and 2018 and premiered at the Donaueschinger Musiktage in October 2018.
About 70% of the sounds were synthesized with Modalys and 20% with OMChant. The rest stemmed from vintage sounds of an analogue synthesizer (Synthi 100) that were recorded in the middle 90s.
We will delve into some of aspects of our design strategies to produce instable and highly expressive sounds, and present the Antescofo library that controlled their radiation on the acoustic totem that embodied the soloist. A baby totem will be installed in the hall to give an idea of what the audience experienced during the premiere.