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Monday, October 1st - 6pm: Adrien Lefèvre (INA-GRM) «  Presentation of GRM Player »

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Monday, November 12 - 6pm: Edgar Hémery, researcher « Compose music with gesture in the space"

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Monday, November 19 - 6pm: Georgia Spiropulos, composer

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Monday, December 3 - 6pm: Stefano Gervasoni, Marco Liuni, Luca Morino, Francesco Cretti

www.Web Wall Whispers in partnership with Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte, Politecnico and Conservatorio de Turin


Monday, January 14 - 6pm: Claude Cadoz , lecture : Hélicante platform

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Monday, February 4 - 6pm: Ivan Cohen Present His First Audio Plug-in From Musical Entropy

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POSTPONED-  Hector Parra about Inscape


Monday, March 18 - 6pm: Florence Bashet,  Serge Lemouton and Léo Marillier "BogenLied"

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Monday, April 15 - 6pm: Marco Stroppa " Come play with me"

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