The Third Dimensions of Musical Spaces

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The Third Dimensions of Musical Spaces


Digital technology allows nowadays to bring musical and fine arts closer. This lectures and meetings day will focus on the analysis of this phenomenom and namely on:

  • the concepts that are at stake (matter / time / space)

  • the nature of the software programs that are now used by artists

  • the perspectives opened by interaction (sound / space)

  • the languages’ issues.


The Faust Award is a international Open-Source Software Competition intended to promote innovative high-quality free audio software developed with the Faust programming language. The award is attributed each year to the best submission by an international committee of leading experts in the field. The winner of the 2016 edition was Pierre Leconte, with his software Ambitools. This year the results will be announced during the lectures / meetings day and will be followed by a conference of the winner.


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Maison des mathématiques et de l’informatique, 1 place de l’École, 69007 Lyon