Max, Musical Programming course + Certification Level 1- IRCAM

Max : Musical Programming + Certification Level 1


Mastery of the basic functions of a Macintosh computer (use of a keyboard and mouse, create and manage files and folders, use menus, launch an application), of a sequencer software program such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, or another digital audio editing program (e.g. WaveLab, SoundStudio, Adobe Audition).


Identify the means necessary to create a project using Max. Acquire the knowledge necessary to make simple patches.


Max Certification

IRCAM has implemented two specific Max certifications. Taken at the end of the classes Max: Musical Programming and Max Synthesis – Intermediate, these certifications enable students to evaluate their level by testing their capacity to design, implement, and use applications created with the software. Results enable students to situate their level on a standardized scale.

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