Meet the Forum 2021

  • Tuesday 16 March 2021 16h00 - 19h00 (local time)

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The day before the IRCAM Forum Workshops, IRCAM Forum and IRCAM's pedagogical team organize an afternoon discovery of Ircam's technologies. Open to all, Meet the Forum allows you to discover and understand all the training, innovations, technologies and resources that the IRCAM Forum is the link in the extended community of experts, sound professionals, sound designers, artists...

This introduction to the IRCAM Forum Workshops will be held on Tuesday 16 March, from 3pm to 6pm filmed via IRCAM's Stravinsky Room and streamed online. 


  • TS2 new release presentation

TS2 is the evolution of the TS software specialized in Time Stretch and transposition based on the SuperVP™ audio engine. This release brings a lot of new functionalities as well as a new and more reactive graphical interface. TS becomes a real audio editor with the ability to combine several audio files in the same document and perform fades. Automation functions allows to modify the main parameters of the software as the Stretch factor, the transpositions or the Remix Options. The user can now insert conventional plugins (VST2, VST3, Audio Unit) in a new Master section to polish his sound with his favorite effects. The recent release 2.2 integrates a new effect called “Spectral Cliping” which will be also demonstrate during this session.

  • Modalys new release presentation

Modalys is a physical modeling synthesis engine developed by IRCAM. It allows composers and sound designer to imagine and create virtual instruments made by combining excitors (bow, strike, reed) and a library of resonators (strings, plates, membranes). The new instrument can be assembled and controlled in real time in Max. But Modalys is also capable of creating more personal 3 dimensions shapes and calculate their vibrating behavior which extends even more the Modalys sound capabilities. The last release integrate a new controller which introduces scripts in Max that can be used to add even more realism to the instrumental emulations.

    • Few words on the SPAT




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