Office 470, an Opera by Tomás Bordalejo

  • Saturday 13 February 2016 20h00 - 00h00 (local time)

Tomás Bordalejo is an Argentinian composer, guitarist and music arranger for classical and contemporary music. Currently, he is in an artistic residency at IRCAM and he has always been fascinated by the mixture of rhythms and musical styles from his home country. But most of all, Tomás Bordalejo likes to create some new compositions in order to share his passion for music.

That's why he created an opera from a Facundo Di Stefano's booklet. This is the story of a missed revolution : the effectiveness one! Actually, four singers/employers are chanting repeated workdays. At the heart of defined bureaucracies, Ramirez sees major problems in his system when affect enters in his world.

  • Tomás Bordalejo Composition 

    • Violeta Zamudio Staging

    • Noelia Gonzales Svoboda Scenography and costumes

More information

The concert will take place in the Auditorium of the Conservatory and the rates will range from 5€ to 14€.

Nouveau Conservatoire de Gennevilliers