OpenMusic Course at IRCAM

OpenMusic Course

Discover Computer-Assisted Composition – From Calculations to Music


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to use the main functions of OpenMusic (create and open a workspace, load a library), to create simple patches, to represent and preform musical sequences with tools available in OpenMusic (chord, chord-seq, voice, poly, and maquette), to import and generate MIDI files, and formalize simple musical problems. Participants will have acquired the conceptual and technical foundation necessary in computer-assisted composition for use in musical writing.


Knowledge of music theory, participants must be able to notes and rhythms;
Basic knowledge of mathematics: arithmetic, geometry (triangles, Pythagorean and Thales theories, symmetry, airs), understanding of powers, equations with a variable, statistics, etc;
Mastery of Macintosh computers (OS X).


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