Real-time Music Symposium & Concert @ Musica Festival

  • Wednesday 1 October 2014 - Thursday 2 October 2014
  • 09h00 - 20h30 (local time)

Two days of symposium during the Musica Festival in Strasbourg, coordinated by composer Philippe Manoury and musicologist Marta Grabocz, where composers, researchers, scientists and musicologists question the use of new real-time technologies for creativity and performances in the arts and music.

The symposium gathers major composers such as Philippe Manoury, Yan Maresz along younger generations such as Andrea Agostini @andreaagostini), Eric Maestri and Julia Blondeau (@julia-blondeau). They are joined by researchers Gérard Berry (Collège de France), Miller Puckette (UCSD, @millerpuckette), Yann Orlarey (GRAME), Arshia Cont and José Echeveste (IRCAM); and major computer music designers such as Serge Lemouton (@lemouton) and Tom Mays (@tmays).

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The symposium includes a concert performance of pieces by Julia Blondeau, Philippe Manoury and Yan Maresz as practical illustration of discussions during the symposium on real-time music, three solo pieces for this concert are using technology at IRCAM. The association of live musicians and computers in real time is undoubtedly the best illustration for the listener of extraordinary potential of technology to composition today. Extension of instrumental gesture, extension of instrumental techniques and audio materials, the computer opens unexpected horizons.

The three scores composed between 1995 (Metallics by Yan Maresz), 2012 (Partita II by Philippe Manoury) and 2014 (Tesla by Julia Blondeau), conceived at IRCAM, in close collaboration scientists, are carried by the virtuoso interpreters followed to perfection by the machine. Christophe Desjardins and Hae-Sun Kang, former and current alto and violin in Ensemble intercontemporain, Johann Nardeau young prodigy who won competitions in Budapest and Moscow are both the last and the first link in a chain where creative composition, technology and interpretation are inextricably linked.

Concert Program

Julia Blondeau

Tesla ou l'effet d'étrangeté (2013-14) / 15'

Ircam Scientific Advisor, José Echeveste
Computer Music, Thomas Goepfer
World Premier - New version

Philippe Manoury

Partita II (2012) / 15'
Computer Music, Serge Lemouton

Yan Maresz

Metallics (1995) / 12'
Computer Music, B. Meudic

Festival Musica - Collège Doctoral Européen de Strasbourg