Research and Creation Artistic Residency Seminar: Lorenzo Bianchi

Proxemic Fields

Lorenzo Bianchi presents his artistic research residency's project at IRCAM


Research about interactive, social and participative installations, for terminal mobile ensemble, interactive system and system of sound spatialization in 3D - Ambisonic.

"The research that I am presenting comes from a theoretical reflexion on the human social space and on its role in the Western life. It is also taking into account  some new domestic technologies that are seen as elements of changes in this social space."

The discipline that studies the social space is called Proxémie.
Basis of this discipline have been laid by the american anthropologist Edward T. Hall starting from 1963. It divides the social space in four different levels: intimate, personal, social, public and analyzes the relations that exist between those spaces and between the living beings immobilized in those spaces.

The division in groups, the idea of a community, the interaction between people and groups of people and the approval of community movements are the starting elements of a collective creation of which I don't know the precise form yet but which will certainly remind the notion of "social gesture".

Although the idea is to turn a terminal mobile (smartphone or tablet computer) into an interactive sound source, I would also like to dig the existing problematic between this system of capillary action - a cluster of terminal - and a system of general action - loudspeakers.

The three approaches of the research will be therefore:

Gesture writing: the gesture's analysis from a proxemic point of view, so in relation with the social space.

Sound writing: the sound in this project is put in relation with the movement and the sound diffusion.

Space writing: there are in general in this project three types of possible sound diffusion: local - individual terminal mobile, multi-source - a set of terminal mobiles, spatialized - by a complex system of loudspeakers.

Lorenzo Bianchi is the laureate of the Artistic Research Residency program and collaborates with the ISMM and EAC teams of IRCAM.



Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch (Milan, 16973) is composer and performer.
He composed music for albums, installations, theater, images, performances.

He approaches the electronic and mixed composition under several different aspects bearing a common theme between all the projects.
This connection is more and more targeted on a sound/gesture/space relation. In solo performances with his controllers and interfaces, in collaboration with other artists and musicians, to the composition for dance and theater, his interest is always focused on the idea of establishing a deep link, always different between those three elements founding his art vision.

He received requests from numerous institutions: Groupe de Recherche Musicale (GRM), Biennale di Venezia,  Opéra de Göteborg, Ballet National de Marseille, Festival Sant'Arcangelo, Roma Europe, Ater Balletto, and much more... he also played around the world:  Europe, Japan , Indonesia, the United States.
His interests span from instrumental composition with real time electronic (mixed music/MAX-MSP-jitter), to audio and video installations to soundtracks and compositions for theater and dance, stemming from a formally strict process of experimentation by using electronic implemented improvisation. All this is created as a means of creation of new electro – acoustic sounds.
He graduated in architecture (Italy) and composition (France) and after living in Spain for a while, he moved to Paris where he now lives and works.