Research and Creation Meeting Avignon

Research and Creation Meeting

The French National Research Agency (ANR) and the Festival d’Avignon have joined forces to organise the "Research and Creation Meetings", which will take place on 8, 9 July, 2016.

Since it was first set up, the Festival d’Avignon has been a forum for reflection and ideas. Much of the research work supported by ANR focuses on creation, culture, language and the workings of the human mind. This event, part of the Ateliers de la pensée ("Thought Workshops"), will provide an opportunity to reaffirm the link between scientific research, creation, audiences and society.

Anthropologists, historians, philosophers, sociologists, linguists, and researchers in art, literature, theatre studies, political science, cognitive science and neuroscience will exchange views with artists performing at the festival and explore the process of creation and reception of works of art. The aim is to examine the various trends in international research in the light of the approaches and concerns of cultural, social and economic players.

Major themes:

  • beliefs, adhesion and awareness

  • passions, violence and power — norms and transgressions

  • imagining the other

  • reinventing the real: possible worlds - politics, imagination, utopia

Cloitre Saint Louis