IRCAM Forum Workshops Hors les Murs 2023 @Taipei

  • Taipei (Taipei, 100 , Taipei)
  • Monday 9 October 2023 16h47 - 16h47 (local time)

IRCAM Forum Workshops Hors les Murs 2023 Hors les Murs

New Soundscape, Sound Transformation & AI

Taipei, October 18-19 2023

The IRCAM Forum Workshops in Taipei is the international meeting place for Forum members and the community of specialists in music and sound technologies.

The Ircam Forum, in collaboration with C-LAB, will offer two days of conferences and workshops immersed in scientific research and artistic creation around cutting-edge sound technologies.

The themes will focus on topics exploring sound spatialization, sound processing and the role of Artificial Intelligence.


Benoit Alary has over fifteen years of experience in immersive audio, shared between industry and academia, which includes a Ph.D. from Aalto University (Finland). As a permanent member of IRCAM’s Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team, his research centers around reproduction, analysis/synthesis, and perception of acoustic spaces. His current projects involve 6DoF sound field reproduction, psychoacoustics, machine learning, and virtual acoustics.

In his presentation, Benoit Alary (researcher, IRCAM/EAC) will review some of the methods being used to create immersive reverberation, such as virtual acoustics and artificial reverberation, and some of the key considerations for binaural and ambisonics reproduction formats. Or more specifically, if highly complex algorithms using acoustic simulations and artificial intelligence are used to determine how a space should sound like, how can we get creative control back?   In the follow-up workshop, we will look at recently developed SPAT externals for Max and take an in-depth dive into how they can be used to create complex spatial reverberation during a live performance. With these new tools, we want to explore fresh paradigms for creating complex spatial reverberation that can continue evolving as we discover new creative use.

Pierre Guillot is a Ph.D. in aesthetics, science, and technology of the arts, specializing in Music. He defended his thesis at the University of Paris 8 in 2017 as part of the programs of the Laboratoire d'Excellence Arts-H2H. Throughout his research career, he has participated in the creation of numerous projects and tools for music, in particular the ambisonics sound spatialization library HOA, the collaborative patching software Kiwi and the multi- format and multi-platform plugin Camomile. In 2018, he joined IRCAM within the Innovation and Research Means department, in which he is in charge of projects such as Partiels, ASAP, and TS2.

In this talk, Pierre Guillot will give a brief introduction to the historical heritage and artistic and research context in which ASAP plug-ins were developed, highlighting the challenges and innovative nature of the project. He will then present the functionalities offered by the ASAP collection, and in particular the plug-ins based on ARA2 technology. The Spectral Surface plug-in lets you draw shape filters on the sound spectrogram and control their gain and fade. The sound representation and user interface enable you to create highly complex and precise surface filters to reduce or enhance specific parts of the sound's spectral components, to compensate for annoying artifacts in the sound, to isolate certain specificities of the sound and to creatively transform the sound. The Pitches Brew plugin lets you transpose the pitch and formant of sounds by drawing and modifying their frequency curves. Beyond the exceptional quality of the processing, the plugin offers a visual representation of the original fundamental frequencies, expected pitches, and formants with curves enabling numerous original edits such as redrawing, transposing, stretching, copying, etc.

Philippe Langlois holds a PHD in musicology, permanent researcher at Montreal University, radio producer at the Workshop for Radio Creation of Radio France Culture alongside Frank Smith, with whom he co-directs the collection ZagZig at Dis Voir Editions.

Since 2017, he has been director of pedagogy and documentation at IRCAM-Centre Georges Pompidou.

He is the author of The Bells of Atlantis, electroacoustic music and cinema, to mf editions in nov 2022. He creates sound environments and composes soundtracks for movies, art installations, exhibitions, readings, radio productions...


First day - 10/18/2023




C-Lab, opening welcome (5 mins)

Paola Palumbo, opening speech (5 mins)


Philippe Langlois, IRCAM introduction

Presentation of IRCAM, Recent Research News & IRCAM Amplify (lecture, 50 mins)


Pierre Guillot, “Sound transformations with ASAP” (lecture, 50 mins, including 10min Q & A)


Benoit Alary, “Designing immersive virtual spaces”

(lecture, 90 mins, including 10min Q & A)



Pierre Guillot, “Sound transformations with ASAP: workshop” (workshop; no interpretation)

Benoit Alary, “Designing immersive virtual spaces: demos and listening session”

Second day - 10/19/2023



10 :00- 10 :15

Paola Palumbo

Presentation of the Ircam Forum

10 :15-11:15

Pierre Guillot et Benoit Alary,

“AI research at Ircam(lecture, 60 mins)




Philippe Langlois

Cursus Program on Composition and Computer Music and Collaboration with Schools(lecture, 50 mins, 10min Q & A)

12 :20-14 : 00

Lunch break (1.5hr)



Pierre Guillot, “Sound transformations with ASAP: workshop” (workshop; no interpretation)

Benoit Alary, “Designing immersive virtual spaces: demos and listening session”

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This event is organized by the IRCAM Forum and C-Lab, and is made possible with the support of the Institut Français.

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