Séminaire invité : launch of JUCE 5

Presentation of the C++ SDK JUCE, and the new features in JUCE 5

par Ivan Cohen


JUCE is a SDK which has been developed by the company ROLI, simplifying the creation of audio real-time applications with the C++ language. It is nowadays employed by more than 500 companies, freelance developers and universities, such as the IRCAM which has helped the development of the Snail and AudioSculpt. Its users like the API for its easiness of use, the exhaustive documentation, its active community on JUCE forums, and its multi-targets / multi-platforms porting capabilities in a few seconds (desktop applications, plug-ins VST/AudioUnit/AAX for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS). 

During this talk, newcomers and curious developers or researchers will have a preview of JUCE SDK contents, with its typical applications. People familiar with JUCE will see also all the new features available in the JUCE 5 released a few days ago, the new licensing scheme and the new version of the Projucer, allowing to configure JUCE projects and to do live coding. Finally, a demonstration of the use of JUCE 5 in a few minutes to prototype audio algorithms will be presented.

This talk will be realized by Ivan COHEN, former PhD candidate at IRCAM, who defended a PhD thesis about guitar amplifiers simulation in the analysis / synthesis team. Today, he is working as a freelance developer for companies such as Two Notes or Audionamix, and of course he has been using JUCE for a few years.

For more information about JUCE 5 : http://www.juce.com

Seminar in French. Free access