Webinar: Melodic Scale hosted by Greg Beller

  • Monday 14 December 2020 15h00 - 15h30 (local time)

Come and ask your questions, discover the features of the Melodic Scale device and discuss about sound technologies.

This webinar is for Premium Forum members only.

Monday, December 14th, from 2pm to 2:30pm



About the technology

Technology exclusively available to Premium Forum subscribers.

Melodic Scale is a Max For Live device that automatically modifies a melodic line in real time, by changing its scale, mode or temperament. In the studio or on stage, Melodic Scale allows singers to correct the pitch and change the vibrato of their voice, but also to sing in unusual modes and temperaments. Based on SuperVP technology, Melodic Scale transforms a melody without adding a vocoder effect and offers an alternative to autotune™, for use in a wide variety of musical styles.

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About Greg Beller
Melodic Scale developer

Greg Beller works as an artist, researcher, teacher and designer in computer music for contemporary art. At the crossroads of arts and sciences at IRCAM, he was successively a PhD student on expressivity generating models and their applications to speech and music, a designer in computer music, director of the Research/Creation Interfaces department and product manager of the IRCAM Forum. He is currently doing a second PhD on "Natural Interfaces for Computer Music" at the HfMT in Hamburg.