When the Guitar Electrifies [Itself]!

As part of IRCAM's festival, ManiFeste-2016, a symposium on the electric guitar will be held on June 23 & 24, 2016 at the Philharmonie de Paris.

"Instrument of desire" - In reference to Steve Waksman's book, the electric guitar represents one of major music revolutions in the 20th century. Considered as a symbol of modernity in 1950s, this rock'n'roll and blues queen has shaken lifestyles and ways of thinking. Since its first larsens, the electric guitar brought together music lovers and musicians around practices and processes for composition thanks to electrical amplification.

This instrument won over the world and found a variety of musical identities across geographical and cultural borders. It was considered as an icon and played an important role in profound changes, some of which are beyond the definitions of certain artistic domains.

The electric guitar currently is the focus of a large number of different communities (manufacturers, guitarists, collectors, researchers, composers, performers) that bring their points of view to enrich knowledge and understanding of a complex instrument.

During the two multidisciplinary days of this symposium several different approaches will be presented. A concert will conclude the event. Four topics will be addressed:


Repertoires and Practices


Places and Environments
Keynotes: Steve Waksman and André Duchossoir

Concert-Friday, June 24 2016, 6pm

Tomas Bordalejo
Creation (commissioned by the Collegium Musicæ as part of his artistic residency at IRCAM)

Christelle SérySmartInstrument Guitar 
José- Luis Fernandez, Computer-Music Designer 
Adrien Mamou-Mani, IRCAM Scientific Advisor (Instrumental Acoustic team from IRCAM-STMS, SmartInstruments project)

Terry Riley
In C

Kevin Devas, Adrien Fromonot, William Garrey et Axel Tribouley, Electric Guitars (students from musicology department at the Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté and PESM Bourgogne) and Philippe Gonin, Bass and Electric Guitar, Conductor.

Free entry, limited seats available 

This event is organized by IReMus (CNRS, Université Paris-Sorbonne, BnF, ministère de la Culture), the Centre Georges Chevrier (Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté), the Musée de la musique (Cité de la musique - Philharmonie de Paris), the LAM team of Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert (Université Pierre et Marie Curie) and IRCAM and is supported by the Collegium Musicæ from COMUE Sorbonne Universités, the Groupe Spécialisé d'Acoustique Musicale (GSAM), the Société Française d'Acoustique and the MuPop.
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Cité de la musique-Pilharmonie de Paris, Amphithéâtre