ᚺᛟᛁᚱ - HEYR - HEAR - HERE - Anders Vinjar

A presentation of the project "ᚺᛟᛁᚱ - HEYR - HEAR - HERE" @ IRCAM forum 2023

HEYR - banner

  • 3D soundspaces, advanced recording techniques
  • reaching another type of audience
  • sonic stills: presented in special installations, binaural streaming, part of concert programs
  • intersection between journalism and sound-art
  • physical presence where news happens and history is shaped

We can point our eyes towards what we want to see, and close them if we choose.  Ears are naive, full sphere, 24/7.

Kabul, Bamyan, Brandenburger Tor, Utøya, Bataclan, Euromaidan,Borporos, Ground Zero, Auschwitz, Capitol...  - "Potential Places" - shaping news, headlines, history - our understanding of the world we live in.

Click-Baits, Fake-News, Truth-By-Volume, biased comments, modern days Orientalism.  HEYR explores 3D field-recordings and immersive listening - combined with the knowledge we already have of events and places - to build space for another kind of reflection about those very potent events, places, people, culture.

Arts meeting journalism - reaching out to another very interested audience: ordinary people, activists, immigrants, students, polticians...